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Antalya airport taxi transfers, Antalya airport to hotel alanya belek lara side kemer kaleici konyaalti private transfer ! Affordable & Low cost

HOTEL / Antalya Side Transfers

Antalya is a side area of ​​Manavgata with a side area and is a side area of ​​tourism and hotels. Hundreds of hotels are all 5 star each other beautiful hoteler. Antalya airport is 67 km away and we transfer these rooms to grandtransfers.com with cheapest transfer services and with our latest models we are transferring from your airport to hotele and from hotel to airport with our professional team. Grantransfers.com offers respected olona offers to make your reservation easy ...

Side Region Side, one of the countless borders of the Mediterranean, is an ancient settlement where many civilizations ruled. Although it draws attention with its sea and sandy beaches, it opens the doors of a long journey with its historical remnants. The history of the province of Antalya bound to the Manavgat district dates back to BC. It stretches to the 7th century. Lidya, Persia, Pergamum Kingdom, Roman Side, bearing the traces of many civilizations such as Rome, Ottoman and Seljuk domination, but there are not many remains of Turkish architects. You can spend a restful and peaceful holiday by staying at the Side Oteller. Side Attractions & Places to See Side Antique Theater: Ancient theater is at the forefront of the basic points that should be on the list of side places to visit. One of the important parts of the Side Antique City, the theater has a capacity of 17 thousand people. Despite thousands of years of history, the ancient theater still standing is the only example in Anatolia in terms of architecture. Visit the ancient theater in the days when you are staying in the side shops. Köprülü Kanyon: Köprülü Kanyon, which extends from Antalya to Isparta and has a high visitor potential during the year, is one of the first stops of nature lovers. The name is based on the bridge on the canyon. You can do both trekking and rafting on the cabin. Side Museum: Side Museum located within the boundaries of the Side Antique City exhibits many devine influences that date from history. It is enough to take an hour to display the sarcophagus, sculptures, column bases, grave stalactites and inscriptions of the Roman and Byzantine periods, especially the Hellenistic period. Temple of Apollo: The Temple of Apollo, which has a remarkable architecture, takes its name from Apollon, known as the Light God in Greek mythology. It is known that the Temple was built during the Roman Peace period. Make sure to include the Temple of Apollo on your side for sightseeing and sightseeing. Beaches: You can spend every day of your holiday on different beaches of Manavgat-Side. Titreyengöl beaches, Sorgun Beach and Kumköy beaches are some of the places you can choose from. Side Activities • The best spot for rafting in the Canyon. You can enjoy rafting with the close encounters on the car, which is very popular with nature lovers. • If you want to spend time in nature, jeep safari can be a pleasant alternative. So you can be involved in both a fun activity and you can discover many points in the nature of Side. • There are boat tours in Side as well as many resorts in the Mediterranean. You can visit Manavgat and Side's beautiful beaches and coasts and catch a chance to swim in the cool waters of the sea. • Although there are not many in Side, there are bars, disco and night clubs. You can use your evening hours in the entertainment venues in Side. What to Eat in Side You can try various flavors from Side restaurants to kebab fast food products, even English and Chinese cuisine, even if you have a wide selection of salads and seafood on the side of the Mediterranean cuisine. For trout, you can choose fish restaurants on the shore side of Belden.

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